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HBJY (L.W.R) graphite lubricant Squeeze
Model: HBJYL Cold extrusion of graphite lubricant
HBJYW type graphite lubricant warm extrusion
HBJYR graphite lubricant thermal extrusion
1: Composition:
Mainly ultra-fine high purity natural graphite, extreme pressure agents, antioxidants, and various additives through catalytic reactions.
2: Application:
Mainly used for black, non-ferrous mechanical extrusion, extrusion, extrusion, forging precision forming process.
3: Technical Specifications:
Variety of active ingredients% PH value of% coefficient of friction strength (PB) KG viscosity stability
HBJY (LWR) 15-20 7-9 0.118-0.15 74.5-85 42.5-52 mixing ratio can be used with any water
4: Features:
1. Easy to use, easy painting or coating, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no smoke.
2. Lubrication film is good, with the squeeze of high piece protective film adhesion, extreme pressure, rust resistance and strong stability.
3. Improve the quality of the workpiece, to resolve the past appear in extrusion machinery parts breaking, wrinkling, strain and short die life issues.
5: Packing: iron drum net weight: 20KG