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A. High carbon content: carbon content of our GPC is higher than 99%. High purity, less impurities.
B. Low Sulfur: sulfur content of 0.01% ~ 0.05%. Low sulfur and stable distribution can effectively reduce the adverse effect of sulfur in spheroidizing and pregnant process to the alloy, and it saves the cost.
C. Low nitrogen : nitrogen content of 50 PPM ~ 300 PPM
D: High absorptivity rate: the absorption rate can be as high as 95%.
E. High absorption speed: comparing with the same type of graphitized carburizer, the absorption speed of our product is much faster.
F. Cost-effective: comparing with the same type of graphitized carburizer, our product has the higher quality and lower price. We could help our customers save cost and improve the quality of end-products. We are about 35%- 40% lower in price than the similar imported products.
G. High graphite crystal nucleus and high graphitization degree: it can reduce the iron liquid contraction tendency and improve the mechanical properties of casting.
H. It may increase the dosage of scrap steel and reduce the demand of pig-iron or even without adding pig iron. It may well effectively avoid the heredity of pig iron to affect the casting.
I. Stable carburetion, good absorption rate and distinct temperature-lifting effect. There is no return slag. It can effectively protect and lengthen the furnace life and reduce the consumption of the furnace lining.
acting as the inoculant and carburizer, it’s widely used in the special steel smelting and precision casting process, especially meeting the requirement of high quality product and strict control of sulfur content in the ductile iron and grey iron casting industry. It’s also used as reducer agent in the nuclear reactor, the absorbent of heavy metal in the wastewater treatment system and the raw material of graphite cathode in the aluminum electrolysis cell.
Item No  Carbon
(max )
Grain Size (90%)
XX-001 99.90% 0.005% 0.10% 0.05% 50ppm 80ppm Our standard type:
﹡0 - 0.3mm
﹡0.3 - 5mm
﹡5 - 10mm
﹡10 - 25mm
(we also can produce as customer's
special requirement)
XX-002 99.70% 0.01% 0.20%. 0.10% 100ppm 80ppm
XX-003 99.50% 0.02% 0.30% 0.20% 150ppm 100ppm
XX-004 99.00% 0.03% 0.50% 0.50% 200ppm 120ppm
XX-005 99.00% 0.05% 0.50% 0.50% 300ppm 150ppm
XX-006 98.50% 0.05% 0.50% 0.70% 300ppm 200ppm